Saline Abortions

What is a Saline Abortion? A Saline Abortion is a rarely used method of induced abortion.

Saline Abortions are performed by injecting saline into the uterus causing uterine contractions. This causes a forced labor.

After the toxic mixture is injected, the baby swallows the salt solution and is poisoned and his skin burned. After suffering for 1 to 1½ hours, the baby’s heartbeat stops. The corrosive effect of the salt solution burns the lungs and strips away the outer layer of the baby’s skin. The mother goes through labor and soon delivers a burned, shriveled and dead baby. The abortion, in medical terms, is considered a success. Because the unborn child’s pain receptors in the nervous system have developed, an unborn child can feel pain at 13 to 14 weeks gestation, well before saline abortions are performed.

Sickening. This picture was the LEAST graphic one I could find! Can you imagine being in a tiny enclosed room, being burned to death and not able to do anything about it? That’s what it’s like for the poor unborn baby who has this done to it. There have been many survivors of Saline Abortions, who were left to die in a corner. But others survived and were later adopted.

Although, this technique is not used often anymore, because there is a high risk that the mother will die, people still remember the children they got rid of by the method of saline abortions.

Gianna Jessen is an example of a survivor of a saline abortion. Both her biological parents were 17 at the time, and had an “unplanned pregnancy” and decided to have a saline abortion. She survived with severe injury that resulted in physical atrophy and cerebral palsy. No one thought she would be able to walk, but now she walks with a modest limp. Her biological parents gave her up for adoption. She now is 33 years old and speaks against abortion and sings her recorded songs.

Incredible! She survived an abortion and used it as an opportunity to share the news about abortion. And even though she might be sad, she is using her talents as a singer! Although, if I had been aborted and survived, I would not be happy, going through my life, knowing that my parents didn’t want me, put me with murderers, gave me away, etc. That would make me totally depressed and I feel sad for all those who had this done to them. Hopefully, all the survivors forgave their parents and used this as an opportunity to SHOW people what abortion is and hopefully convince others to be prolife also.

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  • Lenette

    where did she get it done

  • Madelaine

    There more human too murders when they put to death this is beyond evil I had no idea they make it seem harmless safe this is murder horrifying they can’t speak up defend themselves nightmares I can’t believe this goes on what kind is world is this that we destroy our children

  • Madelaine

    I bet the woman who get this done don’t even know how could they do it than unbelievable what now throw it in the garbage I can’t get over this so bad disgusted at human beings

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